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Cylindrical Grinding

  • Specialists in heavy machining of a diverse range of materials – upto 20 tonne;
  • Huge capacity and skilled engineers with CNC/CAD machines;
  • A range of engineering services such as manufacturing, repairs and breakdown.

Our large turning and milling operations are fully supported by our extensive Cylindrical Grinding capacity.

Having the Grinding facility allows us to produce high precision components and hold very tight tolerances. It also gives us a distinct advantage over competitors because we can produce high value, high precision shafts in-house, giving us full control over quality and timely delivery.

  • Diverse range of machines & capacity
  • We can offer a Grind-only service
  • Large capacity handling up to 8000mm B.C
  • Big Swing machines up to Ø800mm
Between Centres (mm)Swing Over Bed (mm)
Churchill Cylindrical5000650
Churchill Cylindrical3500430
Churchill Cylindrical3050685
Churchill Cylindrical2000350
Churchill Cylindrical1200330
Friedrich Schmaltz Cylindrical3750500
Churchill - Planetary Grinder......
Churchill - InternalStroke Length650
WMW - Universal2500500
Robbi - universal1500300
Ellb Surface Grinder3500 x 800
2 X Jones & Shipman 540 Grinder18" x 6"
Jones & Shipman 1400 Grinder24" x 8"