Am Hydraulics

Keeping industry moving


  • Specialists in heavy machining of a diverse range of materials – upto 20 tonne;
  • Huge capacity and skilled engineers with CNC/CAD machines;
  • A range of engineering services such as manufacturing, repairs and breakdown.

We are experts in Centre Lathe Turning and can handle very long and heavy workpieces.

Boasting decades of experience in machining Shafts & Rotors in all types of materials, we know how to keep them straight and true!

Currently we have an extensive range of both the latest CNC and Manual lathes. Most of our CNC lathes are equipped with a C-axis and live-tooling.

Accommodating Turning of small pieces from as little as Ø 25mm all the way up to Ø1400mm and 15T in weight we offer one the most diverse capacities in the UK.

  • Latest CNC Lathes with C-axis
  • Heavy Duty machines that can handle up to 15T work piece
  • Large Swing Lathes up to ø1400mm
  • Long Bed Lathes handling up to 8000mm work pieces (through 250mm Spindle Bore)
Between Centres (mm)Swing Over Bed (mm)Swing Over Saddle
SFM 5616 OCT (15T Payload) CNC430014001000
SFM CST 50200C c/w full C axis. 250mm Spindle Bore50008501250
Alpha Harrison 2800XS - C axis 150 Spindle Bore + CAPTO tooling6000(8000mm up to Ø250mm)1000710
Axe & status TUSCAN - 9" Spindle Bore5000(7000mm up to Ø9")1200760
Alpha Harrison 2800XS- C axis 150 Spindle Bore + CAPTO tooling4000760550
TOS 710S4000720430
TOS SN714000710420
Colchester Magnum4000635390
Poreba TPK90A1/3M3500870740
Colchester Multi Turn 4000 CNC3000554350
Alpha Harrison 1550XM c/w full C axis+ CAPTO tooling3000554350
Alpha Harrison 1550 CNC3000554350
Alpha Harrison 1550XM c/w full C axis CAPTO tooling3000554350
Alpha Harrison 1550 CNC2000500350
Colchester Triumph 20001270390240
TOS SN 40051500450280