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machine and engineering

Large Heavy Machining

  • Specialists in heavy machining of a diverse range of materials - upto 20 tonne;
  • Huge capacity and skilled engineers with CNC/CAD machines;
  • A range of engineering services such as manufacturing, repairs and breakdown.


Vertical Boring


Our Vertical Boring machines range from Ø1200mm up-to Ø3000mm, both conventional and CNC. We have extensive knowledge and experience in machining large Fabrications and Heavy/Awkward work pieces.


  • Large capacity Borers that can handle a 20T workpiece
  • Up-to Ø3000mm Swing
  • Huge 2000mm Capacity Under the Rail
  • Latest CNC machines


 TableSwingUnder Rail
 You-Ji ATC2000 CNC  2000mm 2500mm 1600mm
 Webster and Bennett CNC  48''  54''  47''
 Webster and Bennett CNC  72''  84''  47''
 Webster and Bennett (with Hydraulic copy Turning)  72'' 84'' 47''
 Webster and Bennett  60'' 65'' 24''