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machine and engineering

    Large Heavy Machining

  • Specialists in heavy machining of a diverse range of materials - upto 20 tonne
  • Huge capacity and skilled engineers with CNC/CAD machines 
  • A range of engineering services such as manufacturing, repairs and breakdown 



Horizontal Boring


Horizontal Boring is a key service we offer and enables us to machine features that you couldn’t normally machine on a conventional bed-mill.

Our largest Kia CNC has a full interpolating B-axis, allowing us to machine not only complex details but also positionally relative features with great accuracy.

Line Boring is a further key service we offer where parallelism and concentricity are important geometric considerations.


  • Large capacity Borers that can handle a 12T workpiece
  • Full B-Axis capability
  • All machines networked and supported by latest CAD/CAM
  • Diverse Thread Milling capability
  • Max Travels X 3000mm Y 1800mm Z 2000mm


KIA 135 CNCTOS W100A(2 machines)
135mm Spindle Diameter
X Travel 3000mm
Y Travel 3000mm
Z Travel 2000mm
full B-Axis
table 2200mm x 2000mm
100mm Spindle Diameter
Cross Travel Table 1600mm
Longditudinal Travel Table 1250mm
Table 2200mm x 2000mm